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The CurexCup is an environmental friendly reusable feminine hygiene product. It is a small soft funnel cup that can collect period fluid once you insert it into your vagina. All CurexCup are manufactured in China, made of 100% Medical Grade Germany imported Silicone gel and FDA approved. They can hold up to 12 hours (the duration various for each individual) and are pigment and odour free!

If you are struggling with which type of cup to choose for your first time, we provide exploration bundles of cups in different shapes, strength and sizes. 

CUREXCup Firm details:

  • Size A available only: 35 diameter and 45 long (excluded stem)
  • long stem, suitable for high cervix, however, the stem can always cut short if too long
  • contain air holes, for an easier cup removal process
  • with fluid measuring scale
  • strong cup, east to pop once inserted with punch down method.
  • suggested for teen girls, or ladies who have normal to light period.