What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is an environmental friendly reusable feminine hygiene period product. It is a very small, soft and flexible funnel shape cup for you to insert in your vagina during menstruation. As long as the cup is inserted correctly, you will not experience any leakage. It will collect the blood instead of absorbing them like tampons. Usually, a menstrual cup can hold up for 12 hours, which is much longer compared to pads or tampons.


What are menstrual cup made of ? 

Menstrual cups are usually made of medical-grade silicone, rubber, latex or elastomer which can normally last for 10 years. Allergy notice: some cups are made of rubber, and rubber components may irritate your vagina if you are allergic to latex

CurexCup are made of 100% German imported Medical Silicone. It will not cause any irritation if you are allergic to latex.


How to use a menstrual cup?


  CurexCup needs to be washed and sterilised properly before insertion. 

  1. Sanitise your hand.
  2. Water lube the the cup if needed.
  3. Fold the cup with any folding methods and hold it tightly in shape.
  4. Sit on the toilet and relax.
  5. Gently insert the rim side of the cup into the vagina. The cup should not be  inserted too deeply but just sit below your cervix. You should be able to reach the stem without inserting your finger deeply.
  6. Once it is in, rotate the cup, and the cup will unfolded and open by itself.
  7. At last, use one finger to touch around the bottom of the cup. It is to ensure the cup is fully opened and the rim is sealed to the wall of vagina, so there won't be any leakage. 

Once inserted, you won't be able to feel the menstrual cup sitting in your vagina. Just like tampon. If the stem of the cup is too long and poking out, pull out the menstrual cup and cut the stem shorter. 

There are lots of different cup folding methods, you should try out which methods is the easiest to use for yourself ( 7-fold is my favourite cup folding method ) :


How do you know when the cup is full?

CurexCup cup can hold up from 6 to 12 hours, depending on whether your period is heavy or not on that day. When you experience a light bubbling feeling in the vagina, this could be a sign that your cup is full. TIPS: you can always empty up and wash your cup in the shower. it is very convenient as most girls only need to empty their cup once or twice in a day.


How to take out a menstrual cup?

Always remember to take out your menstrual cup when it has been inside for more than 12 hours.

  1. Sanitise your hands before exertion.
  2. insert your index finger to locate the stem.
  3. Pinch the stem tightly and pull out the cup gently. ( sometime you may feel a suction force while pulling, use pinch the bottom of the cup so the vacuum will be relieved. )

IMPORTANT REMINDER!! MUST READ!! Remember to hold the cup tightly and not to let it slip through your fingers while you are sitting on the toilet. I accidentally dropped my cup in the toilet once before :(


How to clean a menstrual cup?

  1. Clean the menstrual cup with soap by rubbing it with your hands.
  2. Take a soft toothbrush and clean the suction holes.
  3. Rinse the cup with water.

Submerged the cup in 100°C water for 5-10 mins, before your first use and after your last use of your cup for each menstruation. 

USE: mild, unscented oil-free soap.


  • antibacterial soap
  • oil-based soap
  • scented soap
  • baking soda
  • bleach
  • dishwashing liquid
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • rubbing alcohol
  • vinegar


How often should I replace a menstrual cup?

A reusable CurexCup can last from 6 months to 10 years. It is advised by FDA that a menstrual cup should be replaced every one to three years. Also, if you see any deterioration or damages on the cup, for example, becoming sticky or teared silicone, you should replace a new CurexCup immediately. 


The bottom line

It might be a bit tricky in the beginning, because you have to discover what type of menstrual cup fit you the most and which cup folding method is the easiest to use for you. Once you pick up the routine, you will appreciate how much less annoying the menstruation could get and you wouldn't need to restore boxes and boxes of pads and tampons anymore monthly.